"A Break in the Storm", a painting of waves crashing on the rocks behind the Santa Cruz lighthouse after a storm

“The Woodwife”

by Jessica Maring

Acrylic on Canvas

30” x 40”


Original Painting: SOLD


© 2011 Jessica Maring - All Rights Reserved

The Woodwife, or Green Woman, is a figure from Celtic mythology, similar to the Green Man, but less well known.  She is the dryad of Greco-Roman mythology, the more ancient Artemis, the woodwife of Sweden, and the elf maiden of Scandinavia and Germany.  All are spirits of the forest, the protectors, inhabitants or spirits of trees and sacred groves. In some of the tales the woodwife is a trickster, seducing men into harm; in others, she is a benevolent spirit who rewards those who respect the forest.  The legends are many, but the common thread is that she is fey, a changeling more animal than human despite the somewhat human aspect of her appearance, and essentially uninterested in the affairs of men except as they might serve her interests or amuse her.  My painting is an image of the legend that says she exists invisibly in the heart of an oak tree, but at sunset can emerge, take human form, and walk about the forest.  So here, she emerges from her tree, adorned with the elements and symbols of nature–plant, animal and bird.


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"The Woodwife", a painting of the spirit of the forest by Jessica Maring

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