"A Break in the Storm", a painting of waves crashing on the rocks behind the Santa Cruz lighthouse after a storm


Santa Cruz”

by Jessica Maring

Oil on Canvas

8” x 12”


Original Painting: $1,200


© 2011 Jessica Maring - All Rights Reserved

The most perfect summer day of 2006 culminated in the most perfect sunset, painting the sky and the fog lines across the Monterey Bay yellow and pink, scattering bits of reflected pink across the white foam of the surf, and drenching the rocks just north of the Santa Cruz Lighthouse with the vivid colors of old iron and new copper. How quickly nature changes the edges of the land.  The rock on the right has since been altered, its tower lost to a winter storm, knocked down and crumbled, leaving just the base.

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"Sunset, Santa Cruz", an oil painting of sunset over the Monterey Bay by Jessica Maring

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