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“Panthera Leo”

by Jessica Maring

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 36”


Original Painting: $2,400

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© 2011 Jessica Maring - All Rights Reserved


Panthera Leo Atrox is the American lion which populated North America during the Ice Age. Though extinct for roughly 10,000 years, much is known about his appearance due to the many whole-animal fossils almost perfectly preserved in the

La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles. He was descended from the cave lion, but looked more like the modern lion, although much larger. To the right is a photo of Paleolithic cave art from Chauvet showing a herd of lionesses on the hunt.

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A photo of the herd of Ice Age lionesses on the hunt in the Paleolithic cave paintings at Chauvet, France

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"Panthera Leo", a painting of a prehistoric lion by Jessica Maring

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