“Low Tide Under

the Arch”

by Jessica Maring

Oil on Canvas

14” x 11”


Original Painting: $2,500



It is almost sunset, on one of those warm summer evenings when the light touches everything with gold, and every direction one turns, there’s another picture to be painted. You’re walking along the top of the cliffs just north of the Santa Cruz Lighthouse, above Its Beach.  This narrow wall of stone, with its natural arch, points across the Monterey Bay. The tide is out, and ripples burble and plash between the rocks. Seagulls scream, and from the nearby wharf come the honking barks of sea lions.

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"Low Tide Under the Arch", an oil painting of a natural arch on the coast at Santa Cruz

Signed Prints:

Series 1 - $20....

    Image 8 x 6

    Paper 10 x 8

Series 2 - $30....

    Image 10 x 8

    Paper 16 x 12

Signed & Matted:

Series 3 - $55....

    Image 11 x 8.75

    Mat 20 x 16

Series 4 - $45....

    Image 9 x 7

    Mat 16 x 12


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