"A Break in the Storm", a painting of waves crashing on the rocks behind the Santa Cruz lighthouse after a storm

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Giclee on Canvas:

    16 x 20, $300

    8 x 10, $80

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Series 1 - $20....

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    Paper 8 x 10

Series 2 - $30....

    Image 9.5 x 12     

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    Paper 18 x 22

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Series 3 - $55....

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    Mat 16 x 20

Series 4 - $45....

    Image 7 x 9

    Mat 12 x 16



The inspiration for this fine fellow came from a photo of a lion I took at the San Francisco Zoo.  I don’t  know his real name (and I doubt anyone else does either–cats never tell their real names), but “Leo Content” seems to describe him perfectly.   

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A photo of a lion at the San Francisco Zoo, taken by the artist

“Leo Content”

by Jessica Maring

Acrylic on Canvas

16” x 20”


Original Painting: $650

(Contact artist to purchase)

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"Leo Content", a painting of a lion by artist Jesscia Maring

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