"A Break in the Storm", a painting of waves crashing on the rocks behind the Santa Cruz lighthouse after a storm

“Griffith’s Spring”

by Jessica Maring

Acrylic on Canvas

12” x 16”


Original Painting: $2,000




© 2011 Jessica Maring - All Rights Reserved

On the dry side of the Sierras there are occasionally summer thunderstorms.  I love this area for the wonderful colors of the rocks and the lichen on them, and the gold of the short-cycle grasses. In summer, the air is filled with the hay-like scent of the drying grass, and with the sound of the wind in the tops of the pines.  The pines stand farther apart from each other in dry country, and their trunks are thick, and sometimes oddly shaped from leaning in the wind or growing around stones. Mullein spikes attract small songbirds when it goes to seed.


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    Mat 16 x 20

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    Mat 12 x 16

"Griffith's Spring", an acrylic landscape painting by Jessica Maring

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