"A Break in the Storm", a painting of waves crashing on the rocks behind the Santa Cruz lighthouse after a storm


by Jessica Maring

Acrylic on Canvas

12” x 9”


Original Painting: SOLD


Prints no longer available.

© 2011 Jessica Maring - All Rights Reserved


Enigmata is a dark, surrealistic painting, having to do with our relationship, or lack thereof, to Gaia.  I painted this having just moved from a tiny village in a serene mountain  forest setting to the middle of an enormous dirty city, or “megaslopolis” as I term the sprawling rash of asphalt and concrete that’s slowly obliterating nature. (You’ll be happy to know I didn’t stay

there long.) Having lost our sense of connection to the earth or awareness of her as our mother, human kind builds constructs, both physical and mental, which damage the environment we must live in, and lead nowhere but to emptiness, an impoverishment of life on all levels.  The eleventh hour has come, and is passing quickly.  Will enough of us awaken in time to heal ourselves and our mother?

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